National Park Quarterly 2017.09 (autumn):The era of Gung Ho


其他題名:國家公園 2017.09 秋季刊







The era of Gung Ho
It has been 145 years since the establishment of the world's very first National Park in 1872, and Taiwan's National Park is also heading into its 33rd year.
Although still young compare to the long National Park history of the world,
it is amongst the most vigorous development of the times of the National Park's management theory. From the very beginning of not putting 'people' into the thinking of management concept, to the rising of landscape ecology, and the reflection on the preservation of cultural landscape, along with the exitiong issues of the rights of National Park's indigenous people and local communites (ICCAs), these emerging theories have enthused new National Park management models, and again rediscovered the importance of ICCAs in maintaining the landscape ecology, as well as the wisdom of traditional knowledge in ecosystem management.
In this new trend of times, we have to review, adjust, and absorb new knowledge, but most of all is innovative to keep the management of National Parks closely linked locally, and making an effort to put 'you' or 'us' aside when maintaining the environment our survival depends on.

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