National Park Quarterly 2017.12 (winter):Learning through pleasure


其他題名:國家公園 2017.12 冬季刊







Learning through Pleasure
There are many concepts regarding ecological conservation that we just know by heart even without any annotations. Familiarity to the ecological environment has gradually been regard as a basic quality a civil society should have. But to cultivate and accumulate knowledge is simply not an easy task! What can the National Park Headquarters do to deepen people’s conservation concept regarding our country’s precious assets in this rapidly changing society? Infusing entertainment in teaching is not a slogan anymore, but a way to keep up with the pace of the times and the habit of how modern people obtain information. By using a more lively and lifeoriented method, as well as a more participatory and variational activity content to tell the cultural and ecological stories of the National Parks, would allow us to regenerate our perception and affection to the environment through our five senses.

National Park Quarterly is an important media for 8 national parks in Taiwan to promote the achievement of wildlife conservation, environmental education and eco-tourism. Throughout the versatile contents in depth, readers around the world are more than welcome to enjoy the beauty of national parks with handpicked photographs and artistic layout.

  • SPECIAL TOPIC Excel Locally and Embrace the World(p.2)
  • Walking in the Nature Woodlands, Coral Valleys, and Soaring Eagles(p.38)